Muck Bay Construction

Pictures showing the construction of a dedicated manure delivery bay. After a long wait (thanks for your patience folks!) work has now been completed on the manure delivery bay. The first delivery was 27th April 2009 and since then regular deliveries have been made as and when required.; The manure bay cost £3404 to construct. A donation each time you take some manure would be gratefully received in order to recoup this cost. Please note this manure is supplied from a local equestrian site and needs to rot down on your plot for one year before use. Minor works are still to be completed by making a pathway around the outside of the concrete bay. This will enable people to access the manure from all sides.

Starting Point
Work in Progress 1
Work In Progress 2
Work in Progress 3
Work In Progress 4
Work In Progress 5
Work In Progress 6
Work In Progress 7
Work In Progress 8

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