A very warm welcome to our website.  We are a small but very active and friendly group of allotment holders based on the Hempland Lane site in York, North Yorkshire.  This website is run by volunteers so please be patient awaiting updates. If you have an idea for an article, or have pictures you would like us to include in the gallery then please get in touch using the contact links.

Autumn Show Report

You can now download our autumn show report. Thankyou to everyone who took part.

Winter Newsletter

You can now download our winter newsletter.

Autumn Show 24th September

You can now download our proposed classes for our forthcoming first Autumn Show on Sunday 24th September

Summer Fete

Just a huge huge thankyou to everyone who attended our summer Fete today.

It was hard to get an exact head count, but we know that at one point we had over 70 people in attendance (a record year).

Knowing now that our event is well attended in good weather, we will ensure that we cater for larger numbers next year, by having more BBQs. We may even grow the event and have more stalls and stop car parking behind the shop, between 9am- 2.30pm.

For those that missed out we also had a record number of entries (12) for the Scarecrow competition and here are the results (awaiting for photos and as soon as I get them, I will post them on the website).

    1st plot 2a Hagrid
    2nd plot 18 Chamber of Secrets
    3rd plot 3 Harry & Hedwick the owl.

    1st plots 72 & 73 Quiddich comp
    2nd plot 29 Battle of Hogwarts
    3rd plot 63b Ginny Weasley

    Thank to everyone else who entered, the standards of entries seams to improve year on year, too.

    If you want to walk around and see them all here are the other entries
    Plot 3  2 junior entries HP friends
    Plot 34 junior Dobby
    Plot 35 senior (invisibility cloak 😉)
    Plot 104 seniors wizards and weeding
    Plot 81 seniors Harry Potter

Summer Newsletter

The Summer 2017 Newsletter is available to download here

Future Management of Council Allotment sites in York

Ray Walker(Plot 26) gave the AGM attendees a briefing of the current position.

Several initial meetings have already taken place with interested plot holders to get their views and ideas on what the way forward should be. From those meetings a “Steering Group” has been set up with nine people (all plot holders) from the various sites around York. The first meeting is to held on Wednesday 25th January 2017 & it is hoped rapid progress will be made towards a proposal to be put forward to the Council for them to consider, The group intend looking at existing “models” around the country that are already in place and to take the best ideas from all of them and implement them into the way forward for York. Several Cities have already gone down this route and appear to be running their allotment sites successfully at a reduced cost to plot holders. Ray fielded several questions from the meeting but at present could only pass an opinion until a way forward is agreed. He will be our site link and will be very willing to give us feedback at every opportunity. Obviously Dave Meigh at the Council will be keeping all sites plot holders informed as and when progress and decisions are made.

Sponsor a Sleeper on the Easy Access Plots

Many thanks to the following people who have already helped by sponsoring a sleeper for £20, it is very much appreciated!

In addition, our thanks to Smith & Nephew who have made a generous donated towards sponsoring sleepers for the next bed to be rebuilt.


We are now having to pay for the manure that is delivered to our site. Please note that any "donations" will be very gratefully received at the shop on Sunday mornings or can be given to any member of the committee. The manure is provided for association members so if you have not joined you can do so for only £5.00 in the shop as well.

Xylella Fastidiosa

Xylella fastidiosa

Lock that gate!

Please make sure that, if there are no vehicles in the car park when you leave the site, you lock the gate. This makes it so much more difficult for thieves who might drive onto the car park and it also reduces the likelihood of fly-tipping which has been on the increase recently.

Important Notice Regarding BonFires

See below advice regarding bonfires and leaflet

With the start of Spring, the Environmental Protection Unit is receiving a number of complaints regarding bonfires from people on their allotments. We ask for allotment holders to try and put themselves in the shoes of residents neighbouring the allotment. Remember that although this might be the first bonfire you have had on your allotment this year, other allotment holders may have had a bonfire already this year and the cumulative effect of numerous bonfires from different plots can have a significant effect on people living nearby. If you are thinking about having a bonfire please consider:

Should the Environmental Protection Unit receive smoke complaints they will be investigated. If a statutory nuisance is found and the person responsible doesn’t comply with the officers then legal action can be taken which ultimately could result in a Magistrates Court summons and a fine of up to £5,000. Any incidents which cause a nuisance will be reported to the allotments officer who may consider it a breach of the allotment tenancy.

Association Membership Benefits

If you are a plot holder, then please consider joining in the fun and become a member of the allotment association.  It only costs £5 per year and this entitles you to a 10% discount on all garden related items at both Vertigrow and  Deans Garden Centre.

The 2017 Membership fees are still just £5 and can be paid anytime from now, at our AGM in January for example, see you there. If you would to make full use of our composting toilet whilst on your plot, please purchase a key from the shop for only £3.