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Vertigrow 10% Discount

10% discount for Allotment Association Members at Vertigrow Nursery. Vertigrow is a high quality local nursery located on the Malton Road and is owned by Andrew Williamson. Andrew and his team are always happy to help and we would like to encourage members to take full use of this new benefit, with the added advantage that you will be supporting a great local business. Please present your green association membership card at the till prior to paying to get your 10% discount.

Manure Delivery Bay

The manure bay cost £3404 to construct.  A donation each time you take some manure would be gratefully received in order to recoup this cost.  Please note this manure is supplied from a local equestrian site and needs to rot down on your plot for one year before use.

Wood Chippings

These are delivered to the allotment site free of charge by local tree surgeons, who have felled or pruned trees in the area. Unfortunately we are not advised as to when such deliveries will be made but these will tend to be throughout the winter and spring seasons.

We are currently trying to get some funding for some araldite paint to be provided for us from the Safer York Partnership. Each allotment site throughout the City of York will be given their own colour (registered with the police). Once we have the paint we will ask you all to come to the shop and put a splash of paint on each one of your tools. Then, if any items go missing the police can trace them back to our site much quicker and hopefully get them returned.


If you know where rats are nesting on or near your plot, you can have them removed free of charge by contacting either Judith Ward on (01904) 553399 or Sue Harvey on (01904)553433.  Both Judith and Sue work for York City Council, Judith as the Allotments Officer and Sue as the Allotments Administrator and both are able to book a visit by the council's pest control officer. There is no charge to the tenant for this service.

 Please do not take matters into your own hands as it may endanger yourself or others as well as both domesticated and wild animals.

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